3 Granger's Riddle


Dwarf and giant, deadly killers, using logic and intuition
can you really use these clues alone to tell me their position?

First, the dwarfs exact location you cannot quite decide;
though poisoned wine you'll always find at its right-hand side.

Moreover, it is obvious, that of the poisonous kind
two of the three bottles in the middle you will find.

Third, the leftmost bottle poisoned wine contains;
death, if you would drink it, would run into your veins.

Fourth, and this will almost close this little rhyme,
the largest bottle of them all will hold but nettle wine.

And last, however poor my poetry may be,
it was my firm intention to keep it error-free.

So, if by any chance some errors you might find,
then note their number -- be so kind ...

  1. Jeder Fehler entspricht einem Fehl-Pin: Notiere 10 minus die Zahl der Fehler.
  2. Wie viele Flaschen stehen zwischen "dwarf" und "giant"? Notiere diese Zahl!

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